Dongguan City, Yu Extension Automation Machinery Co., Ltd. ( "Dongguan Humen pioneering Hardware Products Factory") is Yu-hui (Shanghai) Co., a subsidiary of the transfer material Precision Machinery Factory, R & D, design, production and sales of high science and technology entities of industry, professional specialty printing machinery manufacturers. Company to "forge ahead, never-ending" for the fighting spirit of "cooperation, adhere to innovation" for the production of ideas, constantly in imd technology, thermal transfer, hot stamping, 3D vacuum heat transfer industry research and development, design, constantly introduce more automatic printing, bronzing equipment, in order to solve the serious problem of shortage of manpower factory. Especially IMD / IMR film - automatic foil feeding machine, gas molding machines and other one-stop industrial chain, after years of production practice application in automotive interiors, laptop computer case, cell phone case, air conditioning panels, appliance panels, decorative switch and other products in the field of surface decoration results achieved milestones by major domestic enterprises support.
    Yu Machinery Plant Extension of R & D technology is currently in Guangdong Province, the leader in specialty printing equipment currently trademark Division I "KETO" has become a familiar logo. Currently leading products are the following categories:
    Within IMD / IMR- mold decoration: IMD gas molding machine, IMR automatic foil feeding machine, IMR film production;
    D and production of automatic printing equipment: automatic paper bronzing machine, air conditioner panel automatic silk screen bronzing machine, PVC sheet automatic tipping machine, wire-sided heat transfer machine, poker four automatic bronzing machines;
    3d vacuum transfer machine: Single-3d vacuum transfer machine, four-station 3d vacuum transfer machine and so on;
    Heat transfer machine: type hydraulic / pneumatic, intelligent IC / NC electronically controlled type, size divided by product type 200, type 3040, type 4060, type 6090, 1000, 1300 and so on;
    Bronzing machine: TV gilt frame on three sides, the side of the phone shell stamping, air conditioner panel stamping machine, logo stamping, paper bronzing machine, bronzing cards, candles and gilding;
    To undertake the processing thermal transfer / hot stamping process, the Taiwan agent silicone roller offset foreign bronzing paper-train service.
    "Staff structures to realize the value of life platform, providing customers with trustworthy quality and service" is the extension of Yu's core mission, "first-class products, comes from the first-class design team + + class management, while giving you a first-class service ", product sales are just tools, so customers behind a technology consultant and is backed by our purpose, Yu extension expectations go hand in hand with you to create a more brilliant future!

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